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Peppermint Pre- Shampoo combo set

Peppermint Pre- Shampoo combo set

This is a pre shampoo hair care set( 4oz peppermint hot oil and 1 oz herbal oil ) for hair growth, nourishing and shine . The set contain hot scalp massage oil with brush and the hair nourishing all in one oil herbal infused .

Benefit : stimulate hair fociles, blood flow , improve hair health , promote hair growth , relieve itch scalp . And with the all in one nourishing hair oil that contain several mixed oils infused with herbals will sooths and gives more hydration .

Usage : divide the hair into sections and apply a generous amount of the scalp hot oil to your scalp and the nourishing all in one oil to the hair from the top to tips , massage it into the scalp for 20minutes using circular motions and rub it hot towel for an hour . To wash out the oil , shampoo twice and follow the conditioner to detangle the hair .

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